Dr. Blanton is a former trainer for the U.S. Peace Corps as well as a former Peace Corps Volunteer. In 2006 he co-founded Ready, Willing...Enable! an international non-profit focused on educational programs for children with disabilities in developing countries. Dr. Blanton serves on various non-profit and community boards in San Antonio and is a Certified Volunteer Administrator. In 2011 he founded Bridge Building Enterprises to connect people to their passions. He holds a PhD in International Education and Entrepreneurship from University of the Incarnate Word. Dr. Blanton is the Executive Director for the Center for Experiential Learning and... [more]

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    Dr. Melissa Mahan Day of Service | Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunity
    Esperanza Hall Move-In Wellness Check

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    Choose. Act. Impact. Fall 2018: Serve300 Edition
    Edwin Blanton

    Edwin @ San Antonio Volunteer Administrators

    Gave 1.25 hours on 05/17/2018
    Edwin Blanton

    Edwin @ Assessment Institute @ IUPUI

    Gave 1.50 hours on 10/24/2017
    Fall 2017 Career Fair
    Fall 2017 Career Fair
    Choose.Act.Impact. Fall Day of Service